Product care


As with any natural dyed product there is a risk of pigment rubbing off the straps when they are new. For the black leather bags be careful and avoid wearing light coloured clothing for the first few weeks when the straps are softening up. Occasionally rub with a clean dry cloth to check.


Keep the dust bag your product came in for storage. Never use a plastic bag or container. Always store leather bags in cool, dry places, and in containers that allow air flow. If storing for longer period, fill bags with stuffing such as bubble wrap to help keep shape and prevent wrinkles and cracks, also undo strap buckles so that the leather is not misshapen. A couple of packets of desiccants such as silica gel prevent dampness. Air out the bag periodically to prevent mould.


Treated well your leather products should last a lifetime. Our leathers age over time and develop a distinct and unique character. Colours naturally change and darken with use. Here are a few tips to keep you items looking at their best…
Try not to expose your product to extreme weather conditions, rain in particular! Handle your bag with clean hands, Avoid handling after applying products such as face or hand creams. Keep cosmetic products and pens in pouches inside the bag to avoid any leaks and staining. Fresh stains such as spilled liquids or food should be cleaned up immediately with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Be careful not to let pigment from dark coloured clothing (such as denim) transfer to your bag during prolonged contact. Surface marking or scratches on natural finish leathers are usually remedied by rubbing with a little pressure from your finger which replaces the natural oils. Be careful with direct heat or sunlight over prolonged periods which may cause the leather to crack or the colour to fade unevenly.