When you’re looking for something you can’t find, it often becomes a reason to start something yourself. That’s exactly how WAUW & LULU was born. In 2013, we decided to create our own bag label to offer luxury minimalistic bags that are practical and yet stand the test of time. Equally important is the way we consciously produce and care for the craftsmen who make our bags.

“ Love the planet and its people and it loves you right back”

WAUW & LULU is a conscious brand. We have great respect for the world we live in and the people we work with. This helps us to make conscious decisions in everything we do. That’s why we’ve chosen to collaborate with a small factory in Portugal that pays fair wages and manufactures our bags under good conditions. To prevent waste, all of our bags are limited editions. The consumer we are targeting also shares these values. Additionally, we don’t want to take part in the fast fashion-cycle. We do this by preventing overproduction and by introducing new bags once our stock gets low. More than this is simply not necessary.

“If you’re feeling life’s a drag, pick yourself up with a brand new bag”

All of WAUW & LULU’S brand values are incorporated into the design and manufacturing of our bags. We focus on minimalistic design and conscientious production. Each bag is inspired by our travels and the stories shared with us by friends and followers around the globe. We aim to become a trusted and cherished part of our customers wardrobes, so all of our products are of the highest quality and meant to last a lifetime. A WAUW & LULU bag is exclusive. It’s special, like you. It’s functional, yet beautiful.

A WAUW & LULU bag is not just a worthy purchase when it comes to style.  To make sure our bags are easy to use and meet our premium standards, we use them ourselves and adjust them over and over again until we are completely satisfied. We demand the same standards from the people we work with, therefore we only work with people who value quality and craftsmanship as much as we do.